Company Information: Since its inception in 2003, the Department of Biostatistics at Vanderbilt University has experienced significant growth with the number of full-time biostatisticians increasing from 12 to 57. The Department of Biostatistics collaborates with a variety of departments, divisions and centers in biomedical research from basic science to translational and clinical research affecting patient care. The department places a strong emphasis on continuing education and professional development. Departmental faculty are expected to become statistical scientists, on the forefront of biomedical research, as well as, contributors to the body of knowledge in the biomedical field. Vanderbilt University is committed to the principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action.
Position Title: Biostatistician (Biostatistics Collaboration Center Manager)

Duties & Responsibilities: The Biostatistics Collaboration Center at Vanderbilt (BCC) is a university sponsored core resource center whose goals are to enhance and promote statistical collaboration in ongoing university-based research. This includes the design, facilitation, analysis and publication of biomedical research across the university. The BCC is comprised of highly trained biostatisticians from the Department of Biostatistics, who work with faculty on a variety of joint projects. The BCC manager will be responsible for organizing internal BCC operations, interfacing with collaborators, identifying a suitable staff/faculty biostatistical team, and also supervising the collaboration in special cases.

Position Qualifications: The minimum requirements for this position are a Master's degree in Biostatistics, Statistics, or other highly quantitative field; 3 years of work experience as a biostatistician, post-graduation, and experience in supervising and leading other biostatisticians and/or research teams. Candidates with a PhD in Biostatistics or Statistics who have a strong desire to collaborate and manage biomedical research projects and department staff are strongly encouraged to apply. Proficiency in R or STATA is essential. Excellent written and oral communication skills are required.

Salary Range: Salary is dependent upon education and experience.

Benefits: see

Application Address: Applicants with a PhD in Statistics or Biostatistics, please visit for information on your application process.

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