Biostatistics CVS Server

We are offering both anonymous and commit access, and we will be glad to help facilitate any special needs you may have for this service. Please contact JeffreyHorner.

Currenty, only the rreport module is available.

Anonymous CVS Access

   $ cvs -d checkout rreport

Commit CVS Access

For commit access, you must have an account on the Biostat server; contact DalePlummer, ColeBeck, or JeffreyHorner. On your client workstation, place the following commands into your ~/.bashrc, or you can just type them into your current shell.
   $ export CVS_RSH=ssh
   $ export
Here's a basic session of cvs commands for working specifically with the rreport module:

   $ cd (parent of rreport directory)
   $ cvs checkout rreport
   $ (modifiy a file in rreport/; for S files put the following at the top of the file (first time only):
   ## &#36Id&#36  (for LaTeX files use % &#36Id&#36)
   $ cvs update rreport (get updates made by other users in the meantime)
   $ cvs commit rreport (while in rreport parent directory)

Windows and CVS

  • TortoiseCVS is a free window cvs client that has ssh capablity.
  1. In Windows Explorer open the folder where you want to put the repository.
  2. Right click in the folder window and select "CVS Checkout".
  3. In the new dialog window set the following:
    • For commit access set:
      • Protocol : Secure Shell
      • Sever :
      • Repository Folder : /usr/local/cvs
      • User Name : set to your user name.
    • For public access set:
      • Protocol : Password Sever
      • Sever :
      • Repository Folder : /usr/local/cvs
      • User Name : anonymous
  4. Click the "Fetch list" button.
  5. Select the desired module from the Module box.
  6. Click the "OK" button.

Xemacs and CVS

CVS support for Xemacs is provided by the library PCL CVS. It is currently under development and lacks many features. Read the Documentation here.

To use CVS under XEmacs once you have exported the environment variables as described above, click on the Tools and PCL CVS menus. As the receiving directory specify the parent directory of the package. For example, to update the rreport package, receive to, for example, ~/R.

Konqueror with Cervisia and CVS

The KDE developers have done a nice job of integrating the graphical CVS client Cervisia into Konqueror.

Also see Learning CVS using KDE's Cervisia.


CVS Manual
CVS Minimal Help

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