VICTR Biostatistics Consultations (Vouchers)

Open Vouchers - under new delegation plan (late Nov 2010)

Open Vouchers

Consultant 1 Consultant 2 PI Project Title Status Date Assigned Date Finished Date Status Updated Notes
Harrell Blakemore Bradham Hearing characteristics and Huntington's Disease active 15Mar10   22Jun10  
Harrell Blakemore Sampson CV biomarkers inactive 27Mar10   22Jun10  
Harrell Blakemore Taylor Health literacy in heart failure inactive 02Apr10   22Jun10  
Harrell Wang Henske Human islet perfusion analysis active 14Jun10   22Jun10  
Harrell Wang Hornsby Prediction of hearing aid benefit active 09Jun10   23Jun10  
Scott   Norton Specific Immunotherapy for Mouse Respiratory Allergy (VR513) active Dec09   24Jun10  
Scott   Aschner Biostats Consult: REDCap for IMPROV active 15Mar10   24Jun10  
Scott   Hall Progression of Dysplasia in Adult Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (VR724) active 03Feb10   25Jun10 Does a revision of an existing Voucher count as a "second" Voucher? If need more time, possible to revise current Voucher a second time? Note: revision of initial Voucher put in the dollar amount that made it have an expedited SRC review in order to be approved.
Yu Blakemore Geisberg Neuregulin-1 levels vary according to the angiographic severity of coronary disease active 19jan10   07Jul10 manuscript to be submitted soon
Yu   Draker CLEAR Trial for Pulmonary Sarcoidosis active 03May10   07Jul10  
Yu   Draker CLEAR Trial in Cutaneous Sarcoidosis completed Oct09   07Jul10  
Yu   Miller Does subspecialty referral affect pretest probability for an abnormal pediatric knee MRI assigned 19Apr10   07Jul10  
Yu Blakemore Miller-Hughes Statistical Support assigned 18Sep09   07Jul10 THIS ONE IS LISTED AS CLOSED per Terri Edwards
Yu   Jia Two by two factorial community-based study of behavioral interventions to prevent HIV infection completed 09Mar09   07Jul10  
Yu Wang Kasasbeh PROTEASE-ACTIVATED RECEPTOR (PAR-1) AGONIST PEPTIDE VASOCONSTRICTS EPICARDIAL CORONARY ARTERIES IN VIVO completed 02Apr10 03Sep10 03Sep10 Finished the data analysis for the abstract. The voucher is closed
Yu   Mulugeta DEXA study of bone marrow density active 01Jun10   07Jul10  
Yu Wang Jenkins Utility of urinalysis, past medical history, and previously negative non-enhanced computed tomography in predicting development of urolithiasis in Emergency Department patients  completed 15Apr09 27Aug10 27Aug10 Finished the data analysis and the manuscript
Yu Wang Grant Statistical analysis: Mixed Models completed 27Jul10 04Oct10 04Oct10Jul10 The data analysis was finished and the voucher was closed
Harrell Wang Sampson Inflammation and risk prediction in abdominal aortic aneurysms: design, sample size justification, and statistical analysis plan completed 19Aug10 03Sep10 03Sep10 Wrote statistical section for a grant proposal
Yu Wang Dale Development of a burn repository for Kenya to determine the scope, etiology, severity and outcomes of burn injury completed 23Aug10 18Sep10 18Sep10 Performed data analysis
Yu Wang Breitman Insulin sensitivity relation to the change in fat and lean mass in patients underwent weight reduction surgery active 22Sep10   20Oct10 Finished analysis for the first part
Harrell Wang Monahan Genetic profile in AF patients active 04Oct10      
Yu Álvarez Pearce Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Head and Neck, Role of Surgery and Radiotherapy
active 18Oct10      

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