caBIG Review

caBIG (cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid) is a network for cancer researchers to share information. It is an open source project developed by the National Cancer Institute and is currently being used by 50 NCI cancer centers and other associates in a 3-year pilot study (which began in 2003). caBIG's activities are managed by five "workspaces", including a workspace for a common data dictionary of sorts and a workspace for clinical trials management.

Specifically in the field of clinical trials management, they have two currently implemented tools. This information is taken from the caBIG Tool Sheet. The first is called "Structured Protocol Representation" and implements a standardized clinical trial protocol model. The second is called "C3D" and is a data capture tool for clinical trials. They have other tools planned for clinical trials management, but these are not yet implemented. The rest of their tools are pretty much cancer specific.

About C3D

C3D's project page can be found here. C3D includes many templates that are called eCRFS (electronic case report forms), which can be modified for specific studies. C3D depends primarily on Oracle and Oracle-related data capture tools.


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