Lunch with the Chair

These informal lunches will be held at University Club at noon. Put your name by the day you'd like to join.
We will hold the lunch any days that 3 or more people sign up.
If you don't have a wiki account and want to sign up (e.g., if you are a grad student) you can email Frank directly.

  • Tuesday 2017-06-13: Sharon, Shirley, Ran
  • Thursday 2017-06-15: Amber, Laurie, Yuwei, Zhouwen
  • Friday 2017-06-16: Garbett, Bill D.
  • Tuesday 2017-06-20: Cathy J., Mario, Jennifer T., Jennifer M.
  • Thursday 2017-06-22: Thomas Stewart, Sarah F., Nate M.
  • Friday 2017-06-23: Ashlee Bartley, Donna Bock, Audrey Carvajal

Technical Challenges and Problem Solving Sessions with the Chair

In response to issues raised during our community survey, Frank is having open sessions during which any member of the department can present technical or procedural challenges they have faced in the department. During these sessions, we will seek solutions, and when solutions are not currently available we will find paths towards new solutions. The sessions will also cover productivity tips.

These sessions will be held on most Mondays from 3pm-4pm beginning 3 May 2010 in Frank's office. In case more than 2-3 persons attend any one session, we have reserved the small conference room as a backup location.

You do not need to sign up in advance and do not need to arrive exactly at 3pm. If you do sign up here, it will help Frank be prepared and help us know where it's best to hold the session.

Here are examples of the types of problems to be addressed:
  1. Dealing with collaborators
  2. Experimental and study design
  3. Optimizing measurements and their transformations
  4. Data analysis and statistical modeling
  5. Suggested books and journal articles for learning statistical methods
  6. Data management
  7. Data manipulation
  8. Statistical computing and how to do things in R that you've done with other systems
  9. Timesaving tips for programming
  10. LaTeX questions
  11. Statistical reporting
  12. Converting statistical reports and graphics to formats investigators can insert into grant applications and manuscripts
  13. Inter-operability with Microsoft Office
  14. Operating system questions
  15. Productivity tips related to file and e-mail setup
  16. Navigating department resources
  17. Questions about department policies and procedures
  18. Finding new ways to improve supervising and mentoring in the department

You will no doubt think of other good topics to discuss.
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