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History of the Slaughter Name


The following is my initial attempt to describe the long, paternal branch of my family tree, from its origins with John Slaughter born in England around 1560, to the birth of my grandfather, James A Slaughter. Currently, I have include some links to pedigree charts and a timeline of events. I would like to make a migration map and continue to fill in details in the future. Dates can be considered to be approximate.


  • The LDS family history web page is the most well known site, and is full of great information. I started my search here and found the information from the 1880 census and the pedigree charts to be the most interesting.

  • My Southern Family was created by a mother and daughter to share their family history with the world wide web. They have been doing ancestry research for about 50 years, and luckily we share some common relatives a few generations back. Their information has not been updated since 2005, but agrees with the LDS site. They include detailed information for each of their sources.

Pedigree Charts

The pedigree charts I have go backward in time starting from my great grandfather, Edward Slaughter. Each chart lists the preceeding 3 generations.

Migration Map

  • Migration map showing migration to and around the United States



Gen Date Relative Event Notes
1 1560 John Slaughter Born in England  
2 1585 Paris Slaughter Born in England  
  1599   William Shakesepeare writes "As You Like It"  
3 1605 John, "The Immigrant", Slaughter Born Gloucester or Worcester Co., England  
4 1632 Elizabeth Underwood Born in England  
* Unknown: Death of John and Paris Slaughter


Gen Date Relative Event Notes
  1607   Jamestown established First permanent English settlement in the New World,
3 1608 Margaret (Unknown) Born Essex, Virginia My hunch is that she wasn't born in VA, but that is where she died and the recorded information is incorrect
3 1617 John, "The Immigrant", Slaughter To Jamestown VA on the "George", sponsored by Lt Albiano Lupo Lt. Albiano Lupo claimed John Slaughter as a headright in his patent, 1 Sept., 1624, for 350 acres in the Corporation of Elizabeth City. This implies that John was an indentured servant
3 1629 John and Margaret Slaughter Married, Jamestown, James City, Virginia Was John's second marriage. His first wife, Ann, died before 1629. It is possible that she is the biologic mother of Captain Francis Slaughter, but if you believe the birth and death dates, Margaret is the biologic mother.
4 1630 Capt. Francis Slaughter, Sr Birth Presumably in Jamestown, but the location is not given
4 1652 Capt. Francis Slaughter, Sr and Elizabeth Underwood Marriage in Rappahannock, Virginia Was Elizabeth's second of four marriages. She legally separated from her first husband (a rarity at that time) and married Francis Slaughter, merchant and planter of Rappahannock County. See this eBook link
5 1653/1655 Francis Slaughter, Jr Birth in Rappahannock Co. VA In 1657, Elizabeth deeded a mare to her son, so he was born before then
3 1655, Mar 8 Margaret Slaughter Death in Essex Co. VA  
4 1656/1657 Capt. Francis Slaughter, Sr Death in Old Rappahannock Co. Virginia Will: "Francis SLAUGHTER sick in body but… First I give and bequeath unto my Mother In Law Mrs. Margaret UPTON ten shillings to buy her a pair of gloves…secondly to my Brother in Law Coll. More FANTLEROY my Book Intituled "Hookers Eclesiasticall Policy" Thirdly I give unto Andrew DEW my Overseer as much broadcloth as will make him a suite. Fourthly to dear Wife Mrs. Eliza. SLAUGHTER all the rest… excepting my Rapier & belt and a young mare tht runs either about Lyns or lower Chipoake Creek (missing) River lastly my very good friend & loving br(missing) Humphrey BOOTH assistant to my Wife to do what shall be needful in reference to (missing) estate & for his care & pains I give him the sd Rapier & (missing) as before reserved & excepted (missing) us. S/Francis SLAUGHTER"
5 1658 Margaret Hudson Birth in Essex Co. VA  
5 1679 Francis Slaughter, Jr and Margaret Hudson Marriage in Rappahannock Co. VA  
6 1680 Colonel Robert Slaughter I Born in Essex Co. VA  
6 1680/1682 Frances Ann Jones Birth in Stafford VA
6 1700 Colonel Robert Slaughter I and Frances Ann Jones Marriage in Essex Co. VA  
7 1701 Colonel Francis Slaughter Born in Essex Co. VA Presumably named after grandfather. Occupations: col. militia, justice, church warden.  
7 1708 Sep 22 Anne (Ann) Lightfoot Born in Spotsylvania Co. VA  
5 1718 Francis Slaughter, Jr Death in Richmond, VA  
7 1729, June 3 Colonel Francis Slaughter and Anne Lightfoot Marriage in Spotsylvania Co. VA  
8 1732 John Slaughter Born in Essex County VA  
7 1748 Anne Slaughter (Lightfoot) Death  
7 1766, May 15 Colonel Francis Slaughter Death in St Mark Parrish, Culpeper, Virginia ... was also a very prominent man in his parish and county. He owned a large tract of land, including the old glebe, near what is now called "Brandy Station," and adjoining the land of Reuben Slaughter and Cadwallader Slaughter. In 1757 he was vestryman of St. Mark's Parish. In 1765 James Slaughter and James Pendleton were elected vestrymen in the place of Francis Slaughter, gentleman, deceased, and Thomas Slaughter, who had moved from the parish.
  1775-1783   Revolutionary War  
* Unknown: Death of John, "The Immigrant", Slaughter; Death of Margaret Hudson; Death of Frances Ann Jones


The move to Kentucky is the weak link in this branch of the family history. We know that John Slaughter, son of Francis and Anne, was born in VA in 1732, and died in 1796 (presumably in Kentucky). John Slaughter married Mildred Coleman (date unknown, but my guess is this was in VA). I also have information that one of Francis and Anne's sons "... married a daughter of Robert Coleman, on whose land Culpeper Courthouse was founded. He moved to Kentucky and settled in Hardin County about 1785, as did all his children." If we assume this is John Slaughter and Mildred Coleman, the link in the family history holds.

Gen Date Relative Event Notes
8 1785 John and Mildred (Coleman) Slaughter Move to Hardin County, KY I don't have any information on Mildred Coleman's birth or death
9 unknown Francis Lightfoot Slaughter Born, moved to KY, married (wife unknown), had son Francis is the son of John and Mildred (Coleman) Slaughter
8 1796 John Slaughter Death  
10 1799 Louis (Lewis) Edgecomb Slaughter Born in Mercer, KY son of Francis Lightfoot Slaughter and unknown mother
10 1810, Oct 27 Nancy Margaret Phillips Born in Mercer, KY  
10 1834, Jul 22 Louis and Nancy Slaughter Married in Mercer, KY  
11 1836 John P Slaughter Born in KY  


Gen Date Relative Event Notes
11 1835 Ruth J Lane Born in MO  
11 after 1836 Louis and Nancy Slaughter Move from KY to MO Don't have any information on date of move
10 1855 Louis Edgecomb Slaughter Death in Missouri Year is uncertain
11 1857, Feb 15 John P Slaughter and Ruth Lane Married in Linn County, MO  
12 1871, Mar 26 Edward Slaughter Born in Joplin, MO  
12 1873, Apr 22 Dora Belle Teeter Born in Marceline, MO If you follow this branch, it begins with Johan Jeorg Dieter, born in 1710 in Palentine, Germany who immigrated to VA
11 & 12 1880 Several Census in Lingo, MO Household members were John P. Slaughter (43), Ruth J. Slaughter (44), Nancy J. Slaughter (20), Larkin J. Slaughter (18), John P. Slaughter (16), William Slaughter (14), James H. Slaughter (14), Lillie E. Slaughter (12), Eddie Slaughter (9), Fredrick Slaughter (7), and John Slaughter (5). John P Slaughter's occupation is listed as farmer even though Lingo was known for having a cole mine.
10 1889, Oct 12 Nancy Margaret Phillips Death in Chariton County, MO I found this photo while searching online taken later in her life.
12 1892, Feb 24 Edward Slaughter and Dora Belle Teeter Marriage in Lingo, Missouri Lingo is a ghost town in central Missouri. It was started in 1873, so at the 1880 census, the Slaughters' must not have been living there long.


Gen Date Relative Event Notes
13 1908, May 26 James A "Mac" Slaughter Birth in Enid, OK  
12 1940, Aug 27 Edward Slaughter Death in Nampa, ID  
12 1943, Jul 9 Dora "Callie" Slaughter Death in Nampa, ID  
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