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Actionable Items

  • Meeting notes with Dan, Nov 11, 2011 (by Kelly)
    • To do:
      1. Make sure that I (Kelly) bill 50% for Donna Kilpatrick and Jack Starmer
      2. Copy the readmission data from Hank, get familiar with the data and variables, try to reproduce what Hank has done, find variables to predict readmission for Blue Cross/Blue Shield patients
      3. Contact Jack Starmer to see if he is till interested to move forward with his project
      4. Search on PubMed to find out what other people have done with readmission analysis, and find what model or graph they used
Meeting notes with Dan, Nov 16, 2011 (by Dan)
  • To do:
  • 1. Finish Jack Starmer's project - ACS.

  • 6. Study the literature on readmission models for 1) ones that change during the stay, and 2) surgical patients.
  • 7. Read Sunil's paper from JAMA. by 11/25/11.
  • 8. Make sure to spend 50% of time each day on each collaboration and bill 50/50 in BCC.
  • 9. Analyze the readmission data for the surgical patients and assess which risk factors are associated with readmission. (by 12/15/11)
  • 10. Make a list of additional variables that we need to improve the surgical readmission models (factors identified in the literature as predictors).(by 12/20/11).
  • 11. Start the first journal club using Sunil's JAMA paper by (12/20/11).
  • 12. Analyze the Blue Cross/Blue Shield patients to assess the risk factor for readmission using their criteria by (1/15/11).
Meeting notes with Dan, Nov 30, 2011 (by Dan)
  • To do:
  • 1. Write an submit an abstract for a JSM poster by 2/1/12
  • 2. Complete the past due items above.

Completed Items

    • Get the readmission data from Hank by Friday 11/18/11.
    • Contact Cristina Ingram to ask what I (Kelly) can help with identifying missing data and screening data to find incorrect value
    • Set up time to meet with Cristina and Dan about HITEC. by 12/9/11.
    • send a follow-up email to Donna Kilpatrick to set up a data for workshop that I (Kelly) will give
    • Work with Hank to write a paragraph about how to protect confidentiality

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