Reported PSA Data from I3Research

Old data: eclin.15FEB.xls, exported using OpenOffice as I3a.csv

New data: TL.15FEB05.xls, exported using OpenOffice as I3b.csv

  • Visit date is Collection Date and actual and reported are now shown on the same row
  • Don't exclude records with a blank for visit type. The visit type column is only populated if the visit was something other than a regularly scheduled assessment (i.e., re-test or unscheduled). ALL results in the table are valid.
  • I3 has been instructed by GSK to ignore any "less than" signs that are reported from Quest, and to treat the result as if the sign were not present. ("<0.1" would be viewed as "0.1" for our purposes.)
  • The I3 report template automatically inserts the "%" sign after the blinded values. In the old system, some staff were manually entering this sign when they data entered calculated PSA % free value. You may assume that all blinded results were reported with a "%" following the numeric value.
The two datasets are mutually exclusive regarding patient-visits so they must be concatenated.

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