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The topic jump field in the top right corner now autocompletes topic names! If you know part of a topic name but not all of it, you can type it in the Jump text field and a drop-down list of possible topics will appear. It's also smart enough to know what topics you have access to (for the most part), so it won't show you any topics that you can't view. It's case-insensitive, so you don't have to know what's capitalized and what isn't. It also works across webs.

You can now also search by web. For example, if you want to see all the topics in the Main web that have "clinic" in them, you can type "", and only the Main web will be searched.

It takes a second or two to search for topic names, so be aware that you may have to wait briefly for the topic names to appear. Also, due to the fact that the javascript files necessary for auto completion to work are somewhat large, by default you can only use the auto complete feature if you're on the Vanderbilt network. If you want to use auto complete and are not on Vanderbilt's network, you can set the JUMPAUTOCOMPLETE preference variable to 1 or "yes" on your TWiki user page like this:

If you set the JUMPAUTOCOMPLETE preference to 0 or "no", the auto complete feature will be disabled.

Supported browsers:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (6.0 and higher)
  • Mozilla Firefox (1.0 and higher)
  • Netscape Navigator (5.0 and higher)
  • Safari (1.2 and higher)

Here's a screenshot of what it looks like on Firefox:

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