Programming Prerequisites for Statistical Computing Courses

To take a full course in statistical computing you must have learned and used a computer language such as Basic, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Fortran, Python, Perl, S, or R. If you do not know a computer language, you should master the book Computer Programming for Dummies, 2nd Edition by Wallace Wang, New York: Hungry Minds Inc., 2001, or a similar book. Be sure to actually run the exercises using Basic (provided on the CD-ROM). You can skip the following parts of Wang's book:

Topic Pages
Random-access files 174-179
Making and deleting directories 179-181
Creating a user interface 183-205
Manipulating and retrieving records and  
Using records with arrays 229-232
Linked lists and pointers 233-246
Inheritance and creating and using objects 252-258
Part V 259-298
Creating hyperlinks... 314-325

Scan Chapters 24-27 quickly, to get more background about computer environments.

Some of our courses will use the S language upon which the open source R system is based.

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