SmartBoard Demonstration Outline

  • Turn on the projector using the big button
  • Turn on the computer if necessary. Computer dual boots Linux and Windows. (write password here)
  • The board can be used as a simple projector and screen without using any of the special software and features. (open Firefox - navigate around)
  • Any program can be used with the Smart Board software
    • Use your finger or the pens to interact with programs
    • write notes on the display (point out border with arrow, underline some stuff, use highlighter, etc.)
    • save the notes (click on camera icon)
  • open up an application such as the web browser
    • use your finger like the mouse to interact with programs
    • to write on the board, pick up a pen from the pen tray
    • a border appears indicating that the digital ink layer is open (note that the ink layer is "on top" of regular desktop; show how to get rid of the ink layer)
    • use the pen to make notes, highlight key points, etc.
    • use the eraser tool to erase writing
    • when finished writing, return the pen to the pen tray
    • touch the board with your finger; a menu appears
    • select "save ink"; the smart board software starts up the notebook program and sends a screen capture to the notebook
    • touch the screen again and select "close ink layer" to clear out the writing. The digital ink layer border disappears.
    • .you can continue to work with the application
    • to view captured screen shot, bring up the notebook application
    • press the save button to save the notebook file
  • Notebook files can be exported to other formats. (big demo of notebook software - run through major tools. point out that side menu is just a convenience; tools are available through notebook menus and icons, too.)

  • The is a bunch of Smart Board learning materials at Point out that only some of the links are related to our product.
  • The notebook software can be used on its own. There is a nice tutorial online.

  • Orientation ensures your touch is registered accurately when using the board. How to orient the board. Press and hold the Keyboard and Right Mouse buttons on the pen tray simultaneously until the Orientation screen appears. You can orient the board is anything looks messed up. Orientation also on a Notebook menu and side menu)
  • Notebook software acts as an electronic notebook that can be used to edit, save and distribute information written on the board. Open Notebook software by pressing Start > Programs > SMART Board Software > SMART Notebook.
  • to capture a specific area of your screen, press the SMART Board™ icon located in the Windows Notification Area at the bottom right of your screen, and choose Other SMART Tools > Screen Capture Toolbar... from the menu to launch the Screen Capture toolbar. You can capture the whole screen or select regions. Captures will be saved to a new Notebook page.
  • Accessing SMART Tools. Press the SMART Board icon in the Windows Notification Area at the bottom right of your screen. The SMART Tools menu will appear. The spotlight and magnifier are pretty cool.
  • Floating tools menu (usually on the middle left of the screen. Quickly access the pen, highlighter, eraser and
other frequently used tools.

-- DalePlummer - 28 Aug 2009
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