Study Questions

Session 1

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After reading the assigned material, see if you can answer the following questions:``` 1. In ABD 17.1, the example simple linear regression model (which predicts a lion's age from the pigmentation on the nose) is Age = 0.88 + 10.65 proportion black. What is the expected age of a lion with proportion black nose = .4? 2. If the actual age of the lion in question 1 is 7, what is the residual? 3. Why do we use regression models and what are the limitations of matching and stratification? 4. How can you visually roughly estimate the residual standard deviation (after taking into account the regression effect) from a scatterplot? 5. When x is a binary variable what is another way to interpret the regression slope?```

Study Polls for Slack

This has been reformatted to better use the advanced features of /poll; Type /poll in a message and hit Enter and you'll see a click for designing the poll, and this way allows anonymity.

The message following this one contains an anonymous poll. Please select your answer the evening prior to the session in question. This poll will help the instructors know how much of the upcoming session they will be able to "flip". It is the intention for students to study didactic material before class, so class can cover concepts, questions, and solve problems so that your homework assignments can be minimized. Abbreviations used in the poll: ```A : Analysis of Biological Data B : Biostatistics for Biomedical Research (BBR) Bn: B audio narrations By: BBR Youtube videos Ht: Regression Modeling Strategies text Hh: RMS handouts Hn: RMS handout audio narrations Hy: RMS handout Youtube videos.``` Please note that slack numbers the possible answers 1, 2, 3, .. so answer 1 should be selected if your answer is zero items studied.

Session 1

/poll "You were assigned selected sections for A B Bn By Ht Hn. How many of these 6 study components did you complete?" "0" "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6"

These are sent out on slack before the session at which the material is covered.
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