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#VarENDTAB ENDTAB ending marker for a tab of a tabpane * This closes a previously opened TAB. * no parameters * Related: VarTAB , VarTABPANE , ...
#VarENDTABPANE ENDTABPANE ending tag for tabpane widget * This closes a previously opened TABPANE. * no parameters * Related: VarTAB , VarENDTAB ...
#VarTAB TAB{"text" ...} tab inside a tabpane widget * Defines a tab inside a TABPANE area; must be closed using ENDTAB. * Parameters: Parameter: ...
#VarTABPANE TABPANE{...} tabpane widget * This macro starts the tabpane, containing a series of TAB...ENDTABs and ends with ENDTABPANE. A complete tabpane normally ...
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