This is the configuration page for the cron script that runs daily and that permanently removes items from the Trash web. The configuration variable is "File Age" and holds a value greater than 1. Any file in the Trash web that is older than "File Age" days will be permanently deleted.

The variable must be on a line by itself in this topic, located at the beginning of the line, and must contain exactly one space between File and Age. A colon must separate the name of the variable from the value. No quotes should be used. Update with care.

Here it is:

File Age: 90

The cron script that runs is defined like so:

maxage=`grep "^File Age: [0-9]\+$" /home/www/html/wiki/data/System/TrashRemoval.txt | sed -e 's/^File Age: //'`
if [ "$maxage" != "" ]; then
        find /home/www/html/wiki/data/Trash -depth -mtime +${maxage} -delete
        find /home/www/html/wiki/pub/Trash -depth -mtime +${maxage} -delete

See /etc/cron.daily/wiki-trash-removal

-- JeffreyHorner - 15 Feb 2011
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