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Statistical Reporting, Linking S Output with Report Documents, Literate Programming, Managing Analyses, and Documenting Programs and Data | Reproducible Research | RR Planet | Department Reproducible Reporting Activities

  • Statistical Tables and Plots using S and LaTeX; FE Harrell (PDF with hyperlinks and bookmarks). This document shows all of the LaTeX and S code needed to produce the entire document. Heavy use is made of the Hmisc library's summary.formula function for semi-advanced table making and conversion of selected tables to graphics. The document shows how to automatically get hyperlinks in the final .pdf file using the LaTeX hyperref style. It also shows how easy it is to use the LaTeX \input command to include tables and computed values created by S, which allows a report to easily be updated, reassembled, re-cross-referenced, etc., if any component tables or plots change. The Heiberger-Harrell latex function in Hmisc is used to interface S with LaTeX.
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META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="OpenOffice version of advanced table translated from LaTeX" date="1184966227" name="s6a.odt" path="s6a.odt" size="17039" user="FrankHarrell" version="1.1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="summary.zip" attr="" comment="summary.pdf from pdflatex converted to Word using PDFtoWord - zipped .doc file" date="1256770870" name="summary.zip" path="summary.zip" size="366505" stream="IO::File=GLOB(0x94b8dcc)" tmpFilename="/tmp/apreqGiM3XD" user="FrankHarrell" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="summary.doc.pdf" attr="" comment="summary.pdf -> summary.doc -> pdf created with Word" date="1259091347" name="summary.doc.pdf" path="summary.doc.pdf" size="574461" stream="IO::File=GLOB(0x8c501f0)" tmpFilename="/tmp/apreqCWmiTr" user="FrankHarrell" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="summaryPDF2doc2PDF.pdf" attr="" comment="summary.doc converted to pdf using wordtopdf.com" date="1324495315" name="summaryPDF2doc2PDF.pdf" path="summaryPDF2doc2PDF.pdf" size="789281" stream="IO::File=GLOB(0x95a2e24)" tmpFilename="/tmp/9H4kgb3AMe" user="FrankHarrell" version="1"
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