Errata for First Printing (Corrected in Second Printing Feb. 2002)

Pg Page
L Line
Pr Paragraph
b From Bottom (ignoring equations)

Preface Pg xii L 13 add and Phil Goodman of the University of Nevada Reno after Washington University; strike and before Phil Miller
Pg 64 Pr 2 L 5 insert we before make, replace so that the by i.e., in ()
Pg 101 [3] remove extra period after Justice et al.
Pg 130 Footnote 2110 should be 2210 (two places); replace 0.986 with 0.987
Pg 158, Pg 165 (3 places),
Pg 172, Pg 174
tilde after transcan(, princomp(, or fit.mult.impute( should be a large tilde
Pg 173 L 9 that should be which
Pg 176 L 6b delete (not involving carrier status). Pg 177 also changed because of this change.
Pg 226 L 3b 3.52 should be -3.52 (3.52 in the next line is OK)
Pg 252 Table 10.10 Selection in caption should be Selected
Pg 332 L 8b Equation 13.3.1 should be Equation 13.4
Pg 378 L 9b normally distributed should be symmetrically distributed. Two lines later, strike Just and change to to To
Pg 411 [14] L 4 Aalenet al. should be Aalen et al.

Figures Re-imaged for Better Quality